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  • London


    Our hotel was literally (one might even say “playfully”—theatre district pun) in the throbbing heart of Leicester Square…intentionally. (It is the tan building in the middle of the image at the top of this page.) The activity for blocks around is unlike anything I have seen outside of Hong Kong. (Sadly, Greenwich Village, NY is…

  • Lagos


    Had Rod had his way, we would have forfeited the rest of the trip, including penalties on hotels and loss of expensive airline tickets, by flying home early. Of course, we would have been spared the six hours (my estimate) sitting through The Book of Mormon in London. Tough call. Lagos should not be called a “sleepy”…

  • Evora


    There is not much to report about Evora, or there is but it’s not pleasant, which is not the town’s fault. On our last night in Santiago, I found it difficult to sleep. Not long after being on the road, maybe 90 minutes, I became too tired to drive. Rod could not take over because,…

  • Santiago de Compostela

    Santiago de Compostela

    I had never expected to see the northwest corner of Spain. The city was so inviting, our plans to drive the countryside—forgotten.

  • Douro Valley

    Douro Valley

    The trip from Porto to Peso do Régua inspired a few thoughts about driving in Portugal…like, don’t. The cities are no worse than any other laid out a thousand years before the questionably helpful invention of the horseless, and shitless, carriage. The highways are modern and the drivers keep fastidiously to the right except to…

  • Porto


    To anyone on a busy schedule, two nights in Porto is enough, but three nights would serve

  • Coimbra


    Coimbra’s ancient university sits atop a central hill with steep cobble-stone streets.

  • Sintra


    The trip to Sintra was not exactly after Lisbon, but filled our last full day in the city. It requires a train trip followed by a vehicle—a bus, a faux tram on rubber wheels, or a tut-tut, which is a motorcycle modified with a seat and a prayer, the seat being optional. In the US,…

  • Lisbon


    One speaks of a country’s cuisine with the reverence given the dead. So of Portugueese cooking I say, may it rest in peace. It has virtues, like simplicity. Fish, when grilled, is unadulterated. Salads are fresh and served with good olive oil and vinegar on the side. Desserts have flair. But when a restaurant boasts…

  • Munich 2019

    Munich 2019

    The city of Munich boasts 1.5 million people. The internet claims 87 cities are more than twice that size. I’ll bet you cannot name them or choose them if I put their names in bucket.

  • Palermo


    The city layout of Palermo is what Shanghai should have been, a wide grid of smart boulevards enclosing neighborhoods that have, except for an ineffective dollop of asphalt, changed little in 100 years. I know this involuntarily from a premature left turn that Rick made when his navigator misread our map while seeking our classy hotel.…

  • The Isle of Lipari

    The Isle of Lipari

    Lipari is a popular island among tourists, but it does not have the crush of shoppers who waddle the spic and sparkle lanes of Capris. Stephanie had this on her personal agenda because her grandfather was imprisoned here (house arrest) by Mussolini for unacceptable political beliefs. It falls short the standards we set with Alcatraz or…