Escape from the city

Inspired by my appreciation of many cool young people I have met over the past several years and discouraged by the sedentary nature of people getting to my age, I have decided to form a hiking club of various teens and this old man. My hope is that blogging about the experience with clumsily edited video might keep the guys interested.

Our first venture was hardly worth a blog entry. The driver (guess who) missed a turn (or two) ending up in Point Reyes without a plan. It probably did not matter as one of our group was particularly fussy about distances in excess of 80 meters.

Pt Reyes Hike 4

Point Reyes is a fine place to hike, but it requires a small amount of preparation to do it right. Our first stop was a short loop of about one mile and little to warrant that effort.

Pt Reyes Hike 6

William (right) and Andrew (left) kept pace without complaint. Marcus dawdled behind, leaving me companionless for much of the trip. A late lunch in Stinson Beach was slow in coming but delicious. All but the driver got a nap on the return drive.

The next hike will be better organized…promise.

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