July 11, Saturday

Few people that we met in the British Isles know anything of Ludlow, so it seems unlikely that my reader(s) will know of it. It has a population of 11,000—not an industrial giant. There is a Ludlow college, which boasts five tennis courts and lots more. The college is over 800 years old. Take that, Harvard.IMG_2466

We had booked a room months ago in a 400-year-old hotel called “Feathers.” To our surprise, we had the largest, most beautifully appointed room of our entire trip, though all our accommodations were excellent by American standards.

IMG_2460My first guess on seeing this edifice, built before the invention of the plumb line, was that it gets its name from the force necessary to knock it over. However, if you can tolerate uneven floors and tiny elevators, this is a fun place to stay. The man on the front desk, who appears to work 24 hours a day, was willing to shoe-horn our car into the parking lot—space for 12, fits 36.

We had hit a quiet time for this visit. Apparently, graduation ceremonies start on the following week.

IMG_2465Ludlow can suck megapixels from your camera in short order. It is difficult to restrict oneself, but I will attempt to limit these photos to six favorites starting with this inn next to some city portal. IMG_2490

Like so many towns in the British Isles, people really like flowers:IMG_2454

Ludlow is situated on a hill by a river so that many streets from the center of town slope down to the river.IMG_2469

At the river, some first rate homes and hotels invite people to have a quiet stay.IMG_2497

Rod was being playful, enjoying the magnificent homes behind these walled streets. One way? I doubt it.IMG_2478

There must be some rich florists living here.

And see, I could not stop at six. I bet there was a time when people who lived on this street worked for people who lived behind stone walls, but the day when a workman could buy something across from this park have long ago ceased.


Finally, this video gives the viewer a glimpse at the attractive town center.

Ludlow is famous for food. There are many terrific restaurants and a food fair in August that attracts swarms.

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One thought on “Ludlow

  1. Lots of great pictures of Rod and the beautiful Town of Ludlow. The video clip was great. I thought it might be the beginning soundtrack for “The Midwives” as seen on PBS. I blew up the video to full screen, attempting to locate you or Rod in the choir. If you are in it, you must be wearing a habit, for I couldn’t pick you out.

    The building you stayed in is like none other that I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. When enlarging that photo, with Rod on the sidewalk, the building really shows its splendor.

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