A Day of Intellect

Makes Rod look
Makes Rod look “butch”.

On a partly cloudy morning, we set out for the Irish Writers Museum, expecting to see the house that James Joyce built. Ironically, he did not live in Ireland when he so famously wrote about it. The list of those from Ireland (Jonathan Swift, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, G. B. Shaw, Samuel Becket, and on and on) is extensive.

imageThe museum is housed comfortably in this fine red brick house with red and blue something in the lower windows. It is quieter inside than a library…and less crowded. Such is the interest in books today.


We spent more time inside than it took some of its writers to pen the works for which they are famous.

image image

This creepy sculpture is a reminder of how much the struggles of the centuries have cost. The new Irish flag symbolizes the hope that the Catholics (green) and Protestants (orange) can find peace (white) between them. As most have given up God, there’s a good chance.

Here follows some photos of Trinity College. It is right in the center of Dublin. We crossed the campus on our return, expecting to engage in a tour, but we had not eaten for hours.



I do not know that this shiny ball is either, but it’s cool.

5 responses to “A Day of Intellect”

  1. I’m amazed that you are unable to understand the obvious markings on the ball. Perhaps Rod is standing in the way of the answer. It’s still not encrypted, so after gazing a few more moments I have faith that you will come away pleased with yourself. I was.

  2. If it has a meaning that you have discovered, the world is waiting because the artist is mum. There are two others, one at the United Nations and another at the Vatican. It’s not a map of the earth, if that is your guess.

  3. Of course not silly, it’s PLUTO! Don’t you remember one of your famous imaginary friends back in 1953? I think you were trying to replace Brian with a more friendly planet. It didn’t work, of course.

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